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Surgery Support in Africa

Project Description

The Darwin Project (DPI)  also has established relationships with individual hospitals in Africa, including Mutengene Baptist Hospital in Cameroon through Dr. Henri Ndasi, and Central Hospital in Malawi with Dr. Leonard Banza. We are funding outfitting of their surgical suites with needed medical devices and equipment, and have connected the hospital staff with HGOC practitioners to share surgical techniques, joint studies and training.

Specifically, the Darwin Project has provided funding and technological support in developing a prototype affordable, high quality negative pressure wound treatment/drainage pump system, which now is being used at the Mutengene Hospital with positive results.  This equipment is vital in saving lives through significantly reducing the likelihood of post orthopaedic surgical infection and treating pre-operative infections to allow for surgical repair. DPI is collaborating with Stefan Dorssers’s engineering firm, Stogger NL, to develop the 4th generation prototype of our pump system in 12 volt, American voltage and European voltage, to serve all needs.

Additional related projects funded by DPI include the following:

  • Development of an affordable mechanically simplified ventilator system currently being tested at Mutengene Baptist Hospital for post-surgical breathing support.
  • LED correct spectrum blue LED lights for neonatal application to prevent jaundice, neonatal sized blood pressure cuffs, and disposables funded for Mutengene Baptist Hospital.
  • 10 Negative pressure wound treatment/drainage pump systems provided to Haiti after recent weather and earthquake disasters.
  • DPI is developing and testing an affordable, orthopaedic surgical drill system based around a readily available Makita Drill and surgical drill chuck and gown provided by SIGN Surgical.

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