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Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Project Description

Eastern Wind Power (EWP) is The Darwin Project’s alter-ego. We have developed the Sky Farm™ 50 kW Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) with the strength and stability to handle high winds on high-rise rooftops in urban areas, as well as a pole mounted, or shipping crate mounted, rural distributed energy micro-grid system in a box. Our team has applied 21st materials and technology, applied to VAWT theory, to expand global green energy options for distributed power throughout the wired and unwired world.

EWP Sky Farm is highly flexible in application from ocean islands, to high rise buildings in dense urban areas, to the open plains and deserts, to rural communities. The turbine’s three vertical blades are each 20 feet tall, and the rotor’s diameter is 15 feet. The typical total height when pole mounted in an open area would be 20-50 feet from grade.

Potentially of the most interest to non-profit relief organizations, we have designed a mobile unit, Turbine in a Box TM, built into a standard 20 foot ISO steel box which can easily be shipped and/or truck transported to serve as a micro-grid for disaster relief areas, developing countries, military forward bases and field hospitals. We have designed, but not yet built this mobile unit.

Our motivation for founding Eastern Wind Power has been to create efficient green energy alternatives, and contribute something concrete to our country and maybe even the world in our second careers.

Our “call out” proposal is that EWP will raise the funds to build a Turbine In a Box and then will donate the unit to the first credible relief organization willing to partner with us and apply our product in a region where this wind turbine/ solar combo could be used effectively, where there is no traditional grid electricity available. https://easternwindpower.us

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Learn more about this great organization at https://easternwindpower.us/