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The Darwin Project is a 501 (c)3 charitable organization

Transition House, Inc.

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The Darwin Project began working with Transition House in 2018, and continues to fund this critical  service on an annual basis. The mission of Transition House is to stop the cycle of domestic violence in our community. Transition House is an innovative community-based nonprofit organization founded in Cambridge, MA in 1976. Transition House provides holistic support and housing options for individuals and families surviving domestic and intimate partner violence. They facilitate opportunities for people of all backgrounds to pave a path away from abuse, toward stability and well-being. We join with survivors to address the widespread impact of domestic violence and advocate for systemic change. We educate community members of all ages. Transition House builds deep partnerships to change policies and practices and sustain a safer, healthier community.

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Learn More About Transition House, Inc.
Learn more about this great organization at http://transitionhouse.org/