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The Darwin Project is a 501 (c)3 charitable organization

Homeless Shelters and Food Pantries

Project Description

In the US there are over 530,000 people who are homeless on any given night. Fifty million people suffer from hunger, and one in four children goes to bed
hungry each night.

Virtually every community in our country is touched by homelessness and hunger. Urban areas obviously experience the highest numbers of affected people, but our rural communities are also affected, particularly by hunger. The Darwin Project provides support to several homeless shelters in Boston each year, and to food pantries and meal programs, urban and rural, in our region each year. Support of food pantries and meal programs in our communities is one of the most direct actions any of us can take to help the disenfranchised.

The following are a number of homeless shelters, food pantries, and meal programs to which the Darwin Project contributes so far.

  • Fall Mountain Food Shelf Alstead, NH
  • Island Food Pantry Vineyard Haven, MA
  • Rosie’s Place Boston, MA
  • The Women’s Lunch Place Boston, MA

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Learn More About Food Pantries and Homeless Shelters
Learn more about this great organization at https://www.fallmountainfoodshelf.org/
Learn more about this great organization at http://islandfoodpantry.org/