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Gift Packages for Soldiers and Veterans

Project Description

Since 2008, we have been putting together Christmas packages for troops serving in the front lines who do not have anyone back home. Each year, Hanscom Air Force Base has kindly shipped our packages to Chaplains in the field to distribute to soldiers.

Through the process of talking to vendors and donors, we find what we do is an opportunity for many people who wanted to do something to thank our troops, but did not have an outlet.  The team at Turner Construction/Boston claims that helping us with our annual packaging is the highlight of their year. Virtually everyone is connected to our troops in some way – the gentleman arranging for us to purchase 200 pairs of wool socks told us of his son who was training for Special Forces to go to Yemen. We also receive many letters back from the troops and hear many tales and concerns about folks at home. Ironically they thank us for the gift packages as a rare comfort. One can feel the commonality of the pain that war spreads over families and hope our tiny effort “makes someone’s day” in a place in which none of us would ever want to visit, or in a circumstance in which no one should ever be placed.

Our goal for this project is to be happily put out of business, but as long as there are troops in harm’s way, we want to be there with a thank you.

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