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Mangochi Orphanage & Education Training School (MOET)

Moet Group Photo

While there are many places in the world with children living in dire conditions, the Darwin Project has tried to follow the wisdom of Mother Teresa and has “adopted” the Mangochi Orphanage & Education Training School in Malawi as our focus on children in Africa.

“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one”
Mother Teresa

MOET Director - Patron Manjonanga

MOET Director - Patron Manjonanga

Malawi is among the poorest countries in the world, but Patron Manjonanga, Director of MOET in Malawi, has brought light and hope to hundreds of vulnerable children in this fragile space. Patron is following in the foot steps of his father.

MOET Photos

MOET Classroom

MOET Classroom

Currently the Orphanage cares for 320 children on campus, plus 75 children who are attending secondary school in several different towns in Malawi. There are 25 workers employed or volunteering  to help manage the Orphanage with Patron.

MOET group of children
MOET Solar Panels

Patron Manjonanga  installing solar panels with help of staff

DPI’s initial grant to MOET was to fund solar electronics and solar panels to replace diesel generator used for irrigating crops and for lights to the school campus.

MOET Classroom With Electricity!

MOET classroom with electric

First time children have had electric lights in classrooms and chargers for cell phones

MOET Farming

Everyone Participates in Farming

MOET farming

Everyone Benefits

MOET farming

Extensive Ground Crops Planted

MOET farming

Tomatoes help fund MOET Orphanage

MOET farming

Malawi Typhoon 2023

In 2023 a devastating typhoon swept across Malawi destroying all of MOET’s crops, food supplies, two of eight solar panels, as well as most homes and several other structures.

DPI provided funding for seeds to grow new crops, for buying durable and fresh food supplies, and to make sanitation improvements, and rebuild shelters.

Malawi Typhoon

Woman stands on the rubble of her former home. Her disaster relief kit from DPI is her only possession.

MOET Cholera Outbreak

Cholera Outbreak 2023

A severe cholera outbreak hit the village and school as a result of the typhoon damage and resultant contamination of drinking water.

Clean Drinking Water – Breaking the Cycle of Cholera

Simple, Effective, In-Expensive

The orphanage and Darwin Project sent one-hundred Sawyer 5 gallon clean buckets with water filtration systems care kits, and individual water purification filter straws to the Mangochi Orphanage and the neighboring village, as well as to rural clinics in Cameroon and other areas of Malawi in order to prevent further outbreak of cholera.

DPI helped to fund the building of toilets for village to maintain sanitary conditions.

MOET Clean Drinking Water

Residents filtering drinking water to begin the day

MOET Clean Drinking Water
MOET Clean Drinking Water

DPI Initiates Christmas Celebration Fund for Dinner and Gifts to the Children of MOET

DPI began a Christmas tradition of donating funds for Patron to buy a Christmas gift for each child, and to make Christmas dinner

Secondary School Education at MOET

Malawi government pays for primary school education,  but not secondary school

We should thank the children for teaching us grace under seige.