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The Darwin Project is a 501 (c)3 charitable organization

Wind Power Technology
Why Wind Power Technology?

Our motivation for founding Eastern Wind Power has been to create efficient green energy alternatives, and contribute something concrete to our country and maybe even the world in our second careers.

Our “call out” proposal is that EWP will raise the funds to build a Turbine In a Box and then will donate the unit to the first credible relief organization willing to partner with us and apply our product in a region where this wind turbine/ solar combo could be used effectively, where there is no traditional grid electricity available. We have researched social network funding, and intend to utilize “crowd funding” to accomplish this.


Our Projects

Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Eastern Wind Power (EWP) is The Darwin Project’s alter-ego. We have developed the Sky Farm™ 50 kW Vertical Axis Wind...

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